I believe that the objects that we surround ourselves with say at least as much about us as our words. From a young age, I realized that my place was in this world was not among mass-produced plastic relics, but of nature. The calm of the forest calls to me more loudly than the clamor of the city. My workshop is nestled among the trees, and my home is a sanctuary for handcraft. The furniture and kitchenware that I make are shaped by nature itself and the guide of experienced hands, not industrial processes.


I harvest most of my wood myself, and my close connection to the timeless design of nature is a daily reminder to produce the best possible work that I am able. My furniture employs traditional joinery to endure the test of time. I consider my work an offering to future generations. 


Justin Tyson, woodworker

photo by Emily Dukes


229 Moonlight Drive

Danielsville, GA 30633

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